Style & Accessories

A Little Planning Goes a Long Way

You’ve got style, and you already know how to look your best—in your own way, every day. But your senior portrait session will take a little more planning than outfits for school or going out with friends.
Your Sessions includes a number of outfit changes, as well as close-up looks, full-length, and everything in between. So be sure to wear complete outfits from head to toe.

Color and Texture
Have a little fun with layers and textures as you plan your session wardrobe. Flat fabrics and neutrals may sound like logical choices, but don’t limit yourself. Look around your closet for complimentary colors or shades of the same color to bring a lot of contrast and style to your look.

The right accessories can go far to add interest and bring your outfit together. For a little extra sparkle, girls can wear a favorite necklace, earrings or a ring, and guys can wear a great watch or favorite belt. If you like hats or scarves, bring one or two of each along with you for your session. And great shoes are a must.

Outfit standards for girls

  • 1 main piece (leggings, jeans or skirt, a regular top)
  • 1 standout piece (a jacket, cardigan or shawl with contrasting color, surprising fabric, maybe sparkle)

Accessories (a hair decoration, scarf or hat, jewelry, and shoes)


Outfit standards for guys

  • 1 main piece (jeans or pants, a regular shirt)
  • 1 standout piece (a jacket or cardigan with contrasting color, surprising fabric, maybe pattern)
    Accessories (watch, scarf, belt, hat, and shoes)

Don’t Forget

Bring at least three complete outfits with you to your photo shoot. And pack another two or three for even more fun with variety.