Corporate Portrait/ Headshots require as much, possibly more, of an artistic eye, scrupulous attention to detail and professionalism as any photographic form. Though some images are meant to tell a story and others exist to highlight a product, professional or corporate headshots are needed to do both. Your facial expressions, business culture, and overall goal need to be perfectly captured in order to send the right message out to the right demographic. Tapiwa Muronda has over twenty years of experience using professional and high-quality shots to capture not only images but the purpose behind each photograph. Whether using vibrant colors or the perfect grayscale, neutral backdrops or bustling cityscapes, at Lulu-Media we know how to expertly align your headshot with the standards and requirements of your unique industry. With a client list that ranges from entry-level professionals to successful entrepreneurs and CEOs of top-tier companies, at Lulu-Media we believe everyone deserves a rich looking, exquisite photograph to help further, establish or maintain their career. Be confident that you’re making the right introduction by using Lulu-Media for your next professional portrait.