Lulu-media is a Boutique Studio specializing in Families, Head Shots, Events, Maternity,  Senior Portraits, and Weddings, but what we REALLY do, is Capture beauty.  Lulu-media captures the beauty of a person of which they do not experience every day, of which the client may not believe they have. The client may feel daily  “I am not beautiful” “I have corked nose, perhaps not the best hair or even dimples they do not like.” Once our team gets the client to relax, we bring out the “internal” smile, the quirkiness of the client of which they have forgotten about. We capture the beauty by positioning the client on their side “they’ feel is the worst, that is when beauty is captured.  Beauty is the unknown.  Beauty is capturing the toothless smile as well as capturing the client in their worn out jeans and messy t-shirt before they change into an “outfit” for the session. Beauty is being uncomfortable.

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